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Applications (Easy Controller for PCR-M)

This application is an interactive virtual front panel program, which remote-controls your PCR-M AC Power Supply. The application operates not only for most of front panel controls, it also provides file I/O capabilities to SAVE/OPEN panel settings, and provides measurement data logging storing in a text file.



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  • Windows7(x86/x64) GPIB/RS-232C/USB (depending on the interface to use)
  • Windows10(x86/x64) GPIB/RS-232C/USB*1 (depending on the interface to use)

*1:When using a USB interface, download KI-VISA.

Windows10 System Requirements:
Core i5 or higher
8 GBRAM(Minimum)
20 GB or more of free hard-disk space
A display that supports 1024 x 768 or higher resolution (96DPI)


  • One of the VISA libraries listed below supporting VISA COM software is required. (Mind that multiple versions of VISA cannot be installed at a time.)
    • NI-VISA 2019 or later
    • Keysight IO Libraries Suite 19.0 or later
    • KI-VISA 5.5.0 or later
  • If you connect your PC and PCR-M via RS-232C with a USB-to-Serial converter, this application may not work properly.


Release Note

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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