Capacitor TesterPFX2400 Series

Capacitor Tester For EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor)

The Capacitor Tester PFX2400 Series is dedicated to design charge/discharge testers for electric double layer capacitors. The voltage rating is 5V, targeting single-cell batteries, and a lineup of 4 models is available: 5A/12-ch, 35A/4-ch, 70A/2-ch, and 140A/1-ch. In recent years, the electric double layer capacitor has been increasing its capacity, and it can be used in electric automobiles as power sources for starting the engine and for assistance during acceleration. Wider use of these capacitors is expected as a new energy source for raising automobile fuel economy and also improving exhaust quality. The Capacitor Tester PFX 2400 Series meets the need for more advanced and specialized tests related to the two key issues facing the wider use of electric double layer capacitors: power storage technologies and power management (energy optimization).


Compliant with IEC 62576(2009) / JIS D1401!

Electric double layer capacitors for use in hybrid electric vehicles – Standards for charge/discharge characteristic tests

Capacitor Tester For EDLC

The Charge-Discharge mode for the diverse applications

Charging method (Constant Current – Constant Voltage / Constant Current / Constant Power / Step ) Discharge method (Constant Current – Constant Voltage / Constant Current / Constant Power / Step )

Energy-saving designs

The PFX2400 controls to keep constant of the internal loss. While in the charging state, and it realizes the low power consumption.

High-speed data sampling

Adopting the LAN communication interface realizes the simultaneous data sampling of the current and voltage.

Wide range of the AC input

The PFX2400 can be used at the location from the benchtop to the production line wherever the input power supply of 100 Vac to 240 Vac is provided.

Fully independent channel operations

The absolute independence of operations on all channels allow you to conduct the combined testing of the different characteristics of EDLC’s.In consideration of synchronization with a thermostatic chamber, a synchronization function has been provided which performs control to extend the rest time.

The dedicated software applies to the wide versatility of testings.

Optional application software (SD008-PFX2400) is required to operate the PFX2400 Series.The test pattern of the “JIS D 1401” and “JIS C 5160” has been provided in the software, so you can easily set and execute the test conditions of the capacitor complied to the JIS standard. Refer to page 4 for details.

System Configuration

Dedicated application software, SD008-PFX2400 is required to run the PFX2400 series. For configuration of the system, in addition to the PFX2400 series and SD008-PFX2400, you will need a PC, network hub, LAN cable and load cable (optional).

 Applications/System diagram

Capacity of test samples (capacitors)

When selecting a PFX2400 Series model, use the table below as a guideline to the capacities of the test capacitors.

Electrostatic capacity0.1F or higher0.5F or higher1F or higher2F or higher

Setting the test conditions

If the data sampling interval is 1 ms, set the discharge current based on the test sample (capacitor) electrostatic capacity so that the time from starting discharge to cut off is 0.1 s or longer. If the data sampling interval is 100 ms, set the discharge current based on the test sample (capacitor) electrostatic capacity so that the time from starting discharge tocutoffis10sorlonger.
Setting the test conditions

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Capacitor Tester – PFX2400 Series
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