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Multifunctional Electronic LoadPLZ-4WL Series

High Speed-Large Current DC Electronic Load (50A/μs)

While the PLZ-4WL series succeeds to the superior operability of our conventional model of the PLZ-4W series, the PLZ-4WL series realizes the high speed rise and fall time (slew rate of 50A/μs.) in the range of low voltage with large current. The PLZ-4WL offers 6 operation modes, and equips with various features such as sequence operation, switching operation, soft-start function, and time and voltage measurement. The PLZ-4WL applies not only for the conventional load test of the CPU power supply, but also it is capable even faster current response test. In addition, the PLZ-4WL is a space-saving design (about 50% less volume of the conventional model) that can save the facility space of the testing site, and it can be applied for the single cell testing of the large scale rechargeable battery.


Realizing the low voltage operation

Realizing the low voltage operationPossible to operate as low as 50mV by the input voltage. Even below the input voltage of 0.3V, this product can be used by reducing the current.

Accurate low-rate discharge by the Low-range (1/100)

Each operation mode of the CC, CR, and CP has 3 ranges (H, M, L). The “L”range employs the scale of 1/100 which covers the range from the small to the large scale of the current.Accurate low-rate discharge by the Low-range (1/100)

Fast Slew rate

Realize the slew rate of 50A/μs at 2.3V of the load input terminal voltage.Fast Slew rate

Convenient feature for the discharge testing

The Auto load-off timer and the cut-off features can be applied to the discharge capacitance measure-ment of the rechargeable battery.Convenient feature for the discharge testing

Sequence function

The sequence mode can be set in 2 operation modes (Normal and fast mode). The fast mode can be set for the minimum step time of 25 μs, and it can be synchronized with the external device by using the trigger input/output feature.

External analog control

Not only the external control for the CC, CR, CP, and CV, but also it is capable to superimpose the current by the external input current on the present value of the CC setting. Moreover, it also can turn the LOAD ON/OFF.

Protection features

To ensure the safety, it equips the various protection features and activation of the alarm function. The alarm function can be output to the external source as an alarm output. The fuse is used to cut-off the output for the protection feature of the reverse connection.

Other features

For the switching operation, set-up memories (100), CC soft-start, slew rate setting (CC), response setting (2 levels for each CV and CR), Current monitor output, remote sensing, and more.*Master-Slave parallel operation can not be configured on this model.

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PLZ-4WL Series



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